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Donaustrudel Regensburg
About us…

The »DonauStrudel« brand comes from Regensburg, which is located in southern Germany and directly on the beautiful Danube, and is a real project of the heart for us. Our fine, fresh »DonauStrudel organic dough« has been available since 1988. And now in many variations. All rolled up on baking paper ready for the kitchen and can be found in the refrigerated and fresh food counters of numerous organic food stores.


Everyone's favorite trail
What inspires and motivates us: to provide you with dough that can be prepared and prepared in no time - without losing the nice feeling of baking. Because we always come up with something new, our range of doughs has expanded continuously. From strudel dough to pasta dough to puff pastry and so on. - So that everyone gets their favorite path.

What we attach great importance to
The high quality, organic quality ingredients that we use for all of our doughs. And without compromise. For this, we have a sound certification every year. Our doughs should also be fun. So if you love to cook yourself, you can not only try a lot of new things with our ready-to-bake organic doughs, but also enjoyably stay on the safe side in stressful everyday life.


Have fun trying them out!

Your master baker
Richard Eigenberger


... learn about us and the DonauStrudel?

In our blog we tell you
"How the Danube came to its vortex"


A warm meal for children

The organic supermarket chain basic runs the campaign “A warm meal for children” every year in all stores in Germany. Basic AG has been involved in campaigns like this against the consequences of child poverty for 15 years and supports the nationwide lunch program of the children's aid organization Children for a Better World.

We also participate and support children affected by poverty in Germany!  

In November 2019, all basic organic supermarkets were able to buy specially labeled promotional products, in which we waive part of the purchase price for manufacturers and thus support the CHILDREN lunch tables. Basic AG has already been able to raise more than 1.8 million euros for poor children through campaigns like this - this corresponds to around 900,000 warm, healthy meals. We will be there again this year!


Did you know that  

  • 2.7 million children in Germany grow up in poverty? That is every fifth child.

  • Over 60,000 children in Germany have to do without a hot meal every day?

  • Poverty often prevents a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle?

  • our childhood eating habits are decisively shaped?



25 years ago, the children's charity Children for a better World was founded with the motto "With children. For children!" was founded. CHILDREN works against the consequences of child poverty in German hotspots.

One of the most important projects are the CHILDREN Lunch Tables, which provide children and young people affected by poverty at 64 locations with regular, healthy meals. The most important principle is the active participation of the children in shopping, cooking and eating together. In this way the children learn to eat healthy food, gain self-confidence through a sense of achievement, acquire basic everyday skills and are thus strengthened for their future in the long term. You can find further information at

VKKK - Association for the Promotion of Children with Cancer and Disabilities in Eastern Bavaria
The topic of sustainability plays a major role at Donaustrudel.
That is why we make our contribution and take part in the packaging recycling "Der Grüne Punkt".
As early as 1990, the Green Dot was the first dual system for high-quality recycling of used sales packaging close to the end consumer. More information at:
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